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Pre-Order Policy

Items listed as pre-order are items we have on order with the manufacturer. An estimated time of arrival (ETA) date will also be included if available. We CANNOT guarantee the item will be delivered to you ON TIME because manufacturer may delay or cancel an item's release. When this happens, we will do our best to find out the new release date or approximate month of release.

Pre-orders items are indicated by:

  • A line similar to this in RED: This item is currently available for pre-order.
Manufacturer: Circle Red
Availability: Pre-Order.

Please note: we may be allocated by the distributor or manufacturer if an item is high in demand! This means we will not receive 100% of the item ordered. We may receive 70% or 60%. We have no control over the number we receive.  Please pre-order as soon as possible. There is a pre-order limit of TWO QTY per item. A limit of ONE QTY will apply when allocation occurs.


FINAL PRODUCT may differ from the image provided by the manufacturer.

Pre-order shipping fee:

NO SHIPPING FEE, when ship using US Standard shipping.

Paying for pre-orders by card payments:

  • Your card will be charged when the pre-order items in stock and ships to you.
  • Please note: Order paid by card payment is checked for validity when it is immediately received. Your card will be "authorized" which means checked for the amount of the order against the available credit. This card authorization usually shows up on your card issuer's "online" account as "PENDING CHARGES." Card authorization will disappear when the amount reserved is not charge in 3-5 business days. Thus, NOTHING IS CHARGED!

Paying for pre-orders by PayPal:

We do not charge pre-orders paid by PayPal.

If an order with a pre-order item is paid by PayPal, the PayPal payment will remain in pending status, payment will not be charged. PayPal payment authorization will last 30 days until it is automatically removed. When the pre-order items arrives in stock, we will send you a PayPal invoice via email to pay for the order. The order will be canceled if payment is not received in 7 days.

  • If your order contains a pre-order item and in stock item, we will only bill you for the in stock items and send you a PayPal invoice to pay for the pre-order item when it arrives.

PLEASE NOTE: When an order is submitted and paid by PayPal, your Paypal payment will be in "PENDING" status. Once your order is approved, your Paypal payment will be charged.

US Orders paid by PayPal must ship to a CONFIRMED address. We will void PayPal transactions and cancel orders if the address provided is UNCONFIRMED. International customer's shipping address must be VERIFIED, otherwise we will void PayPal transactions and cancel orders. 

Pre-Order cancellation:

  • You may cancel your pre-order as long as the item has NOT been shipped. If the pre-order is in TRANSIT (on it's way to you), returns are based on our Return Policy. 

When pre-order item arrives in stock:

  • You will be notified via email.

  • Your pre-order will be shipped usually within 2 business days.

  • Pre-orders paid by PayPal will be emailed PayPal invoice to pay for pre-order. Payment must be received within 7 days.

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