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Lyrical Nanoha Striker S: Nanoha Takamachi actsta Action Figure

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Nanoha is joining the actsta collection!

From the theatrical version of Nanoha, "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st" comes another addition to the actsta action figure series, and this time it is the main character of the movie - Nanoha Takamachi herself!

Nanoha comes with three different facial expressions, and also comes with her intelligent device, "Raging Heart" in two different modes. Yuuno is also included and fully articulated. But that is still not all - the figure also comes with parts to recreate the magical circles Nanoha used in the film when casting spells, meaning you can even recreate your favorite action scenes as they occurred in the series!

What is actsta?

actsta is a new action figure series brought to you from Good Smile Company, designed to focus on both mobility and superior sculpting.

* act - able to actively move around, and act out various scenes. * sta - a statue that maintains a high quality image.

Combining these two ideas, Good Smile Company is aiming for an all new action figure series. Be sure to give them a try yourself!

Availability: In Stock
UPC: 4582191967301
Rated: For Ages 15+.
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company

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